Interviews with Mary Beth

Resilient Warrior Website: Mary Beth was featured on this website as her book, Leaving a
Legacy of Love was being published. This website, run by Melvin Taylor, is dedicated to helping people understand that you have a choice to make when you encounter hardships. the people featured on this site all underwent some type of trauma but made the decision to move forward from it. You can read all about Mary Beth's story and how she moved forward here.

#Girl Boss: Mary Beth was interviewed on Hunterdon County's Radio Show #GirlBoss. Here she shares some key points about planning your family for a future without you.

Jessica Weaver, Not your Father's Advisor, Strong Retirement Club: Jessica invited Mary Beth to share about her ESPP process and the challenges people face if they do not prepare their families for a life without them! Listen as they discuss the process and share insights with their listeners.

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