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Most people don’t want to talk about how it feels to lose someone they love. Most have difficulty moving forward from it. Add to that grief, the burden of being thrust into a new financial role!

Most people don’t even think about creating a legacy.
They are afraid if they talk about their plan, it will mean imminent demise!!

Mary Beth is here to help you change your mindset around legacy planning and teach you that everyone, no matter who you are, should participate in creating a legacy for your family.
This Legacy of Love will allow your family the room to grieve
and ease their confusion when having the responsibility of settling an estate.
This is a gift that will transcend time!

Do you believe that just talking about a will means your demise is imminent?

Does talking about where your assets will go after you are no longer here make you uncomfortable?

Are you at all curious as to how you will be taken care of should your partner pass?

Have you ever wondered if you have enough money saved to create your ideal retirement?

Did you know that avoiding these issues can actually DESTROY your family and your relationships?

Mary Beth will address these and many other aspects of Leaving a Legacy of Love and why it is vital to your families.

Leaving a Legacy of Love is a gift that will transcend time!

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