By: Mary Beth Fanelli, CRPC

Leaving a Legacy of Love

This website is designed for families who need guidance on how to begin their own personal Legacy of Love. Here you will find stories, resources and planning ideas to get you started on your journey. You will be connected with the author of the book, Leaving a Legacy of Love, Mary Beth Fanelli. You will be able to see where she is speaking and will be able to contact her with your own questions, comments, or ideas to share with others. Here, Mary Beth with share stories and understanding to empower you to begin your own personal and financial legacy.

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This book is a compilation of my life. How I got from where I was to where I am today. It was very personal and painful to write but it’s done now and I feel like a new person! My prayer is that this book can help many people who have suffered the loss of a loved one, either through death or divorce, to overcome their grief while taking on a new financial role. This book delves into my own experiences of loss and how that helps me relate to others who experience loss. As a financial advisor, I am dealing with the death of loved ones a lot. It is not an unusual occurrence to lose clients through death. The settling of an estate is a long, drawn out, painful process for those left behind. It becomes even more complicated if there is no plan in place to help guide your grieving family.

This website is here to help people. There will be resources available for your emotional and spiritual growth as well as an area where you can share your own experiences of loss and how you coped as well as helping others be creative when they are looking for ways to leave a legacy of love! I hope to post some interesting blogs once a month. Ones that are relevant to many facets of our lives today. I encourage you to visit often and if there is a topic you would like me to discuss, you can go to my contact page and email me directly!

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The importance of a financial legacy is not stressed enough. Everyone should have a plan. It is vital for your family to understand your wishes and desires after you are no longer here to communicate them! Please enjoy exploring the site.

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